San José Mission/Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church
Redford/ El Polvo, Texas

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St. Joseph's Catholic Church - new building

San José Mission/St. Joseph's - old building

San Jose Mission/Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church
Redford/ El Polvo, Texas

The town now known as Redford was originally known as El Polvo. It was founded about 1871, after several other communities were established and abandoned in the area from about 1750. The original mission was built around 1871, but fell into disrepair and was abandoned around 1900. A new church was built in 1914, and is located on Cemetery Road/ Presidio CR 20 not far from the river. This is the “old building” in the photos. It has been converted to the St. Joseph’s Church Hotel, operated by Angell Expeditions. Reservations are apparently handled by AirB&B.

In November of 1970 the 1914 church was replaced by the current Saint Joseph’s, which is located on TX FM 170 in Redford, where it is easily visible from the road. It is still a mission of Santa Teresa de Jesús Catholic Church in Presidio, and is part of the Catholic Dioceses of El Paso.

Photos: Mike Gross, March 2021

Location: new building
Texas FM 170 in Redford
coordinates: 29.452565900,-104.192941800

Location: old building
Cemetery Road/ CR 20, Redford/ El Polvo
coordinates: 29.435325200,-104.189972000

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