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Apostolic Assembly Of The Faith In Christ Jesus

Big Bend Episcopal Mission

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personal communication etc

Kotara, Sam. Panna Maria Historical Society, 13860 Hwy 81/ P.O. Box 52, Panna Maria, TX 78144
Panna Maria, TX 78144. 830-780-4471.
Personal communication 20210320 at Panna Maria

Bijalba, Pat. Calera Foundation
personal communication via email and in-person interview August 11, 2021
Pat Brijalba has been generous of his time and resources, including access to numerous historical photos and documents in his collection.

Herrera-Ortega, Deborah
Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces
personal communication via email May 2021

Grant, Ceci
Archdioceses of Santa Fé
personal communication via email May 25, 2021

Vargas, Donna.
Archivist, Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces
personal communication via email May 25, 2021

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personal communication via email, access to a large collection of historical photos

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Jackson, Mary Dickens, Secretary-Treasurer, Dessau Lutheran Cemetery Association. Personal communication November 17 & 21, including access to historical photographs and archives from the collections of Margaret Nauert Dickens

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