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Do you know about an old church that should be documented?

Let me know about it. The definitions of "church" and “historical” are up to you. It could be any kind of religious architecture. It could be a beautiful active church, a humble wood-frame chapel, fallen-down ruins, as long as there is something there. I wouldn't be rigid about this, but it should generally be at least 100 years old.

Send me what you know and I’ll add it to my data base.

Any of the following that you can send would help:
* name of the church
* location (address, directions, GPS coordinates, whatever will let me find it)
* anything you know about it: history, when founded, denomination, community, etc


Do you know anything about any of these churches? I would very much appreciate any information that you could send to me.

First Baptist Church (Redford/ El Polvo, TX)

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