San Isidro Catholic Church

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San Isidro Catholic Church
Sapello, NM

San Isidro, long unused and in ruins, is located on NM SH 518 near the junction with NM SH 94, in the town of Sapello,NM. It is estimated that the church was built in the mid-1800's. The congregation moved to nearby Our Lady of Guadalupe in the 1940's. While the church is decaying, the graves in the small grave yard are visited regularly and carefully tended. The church is on private property, but the gate is not locked and the church appears to be visited regularly.

Hermit’s Peak, another noted landmark, is nearby (at 35.739183, -105.240750). Juan Maria Agostini, an Italian penitent, lived there from 1863 to 1867.

Photo: Mike Gross February 2013

NM SH 94 in Sapello,NM
coordinates: 35.772762500,-105.252792800

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