Chapel at Presidio La Bahía

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Chapel at Presidio La Bahía
Goliad, Texas

Presidio Nuestra Señora de Loreto de la Bahía, generally known as Presidio La Bahía, was established in 1747. The chapel is part of the larger presidio (fort) complex. Presidio La Bahía was restored in the 1960's and is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Victoria, Texas. The fresco behind the altar was done in 1946 by the renowned Corpus Christi artist Antonio Garcia.

Lodging is available at “The Quarters”, a beautifully restored suite in a part of the complex that previously served as residence for priests and before that was part of the officers’ quarters (See The bottom photo is the entrance to The Quarters.

Mission Rosario State Historic Site and Mission Espíritu Santo State Historic Site are also nearby.

Photo: Mike Gross 2014

217 Loop 71/ Goliad, Tx 77963
coordinates: 28.647466000,-97.382503900

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